With over 40 years of well drilling experience, you can trust the experts at C&J Martin Well Drilling Co. Ltd. with your home or business water supply.
Water well drilling is an ancient technique that has greatly evolved over the centuries to the modern standards expected of todays well systems. While the technology used today is greatly changed from our ancestors, the general concept remains the same; bore a hole into the ground until a water aquifer is reached.
The amount of water accessed through a drilled well depends on the type of bedrock, material composition of overburden, well depth, and/or number of water bearing fractures encountered during the drilling process. The upper part of the drilled well is then lined with casing to prevent the walls from collapsing. Besides the casing, we also use a bentonite well seal is used to help prevent surface water from seeping into the well.  The submersible pump, which is located below the casing in the well, pumps water into a pressurized tank. The tank is located in the dwelling and is connected to the home’s plumbing system.
Environment regulations require that the well head be visible and it is recommended that it be 16” above ground. It must also be sealed with a well cap in order to prevent contamination. Because there is no scientific method to predict water quantity and quality, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment recommends drilling for your water supply before beginning any construction. We drill various sizes of boreholes to accommodate your specific needs.
We are proud to offer a 5 year guarantee on material & workmanship when you have us install a complete water system (well & pump).
For more information or to discuss your project further we invite you to contact us.